Aiken Senior Living Services – South Carolina

The gardeners have harvested potatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, cucumbers, herbs and squash. Seniors within the community come to work in the garden and harvest each Tuesday and Thursday. On produce Harvest Day, the Seniors take the fresh harvest produce home. Aiken Master Gardener club, with assistance from Dr. Nathan Hancock from University of South Carolina (USC) Aiken provides garden activity oversight, as well as provides training to gardeners on sustainable agriculture practices. Over 50 Seniors benefit from receiving produce from the garden.

The community is so excited about having the garden. Executive Director, Aimee Hanna stated that the look on the Seniors faces when they are distributing the newly harvest produce are priceless.

The ASLS has created Gardening and Outdoors programming which is open to all community members. Classes include: Planting for the Harvest, Winter Sowing, Tips and Tricks for Healthy gardens, container gardening, fruit trees at home, Foraging 101, and Bluebirds and other Cavity Nester in South Carolina. Already there has been a positive response from the community on the classes. Class attendance continues to grow.