NOLA Artist Incubator – Galvez Garden – Louisiana

NOLA Artist Incubator maintains and operates the Galvez Garden and facilitates educational and Artist-in-Residence programming on site. Specific goals of the garden are to be welcoming to the community, safe and inviting for children and the elderly, and to serve as a demonstration and teaching garden for the neighborhood. As a nonprofit, we’re committed to improving our community by sharing our resources and inspiring others to implement sustainable agriculture practices. We use art to engage the community and view gardening as an art form unto itself.
With funding from the grant, we have been able to completely renovate our vegetable garden and greatly expand our ability to grow food to address food insecurity within our community.

These funds has allowed NOLA Artist Incubator to increase the number of families that can be fed by their community garden. With shared goals to increase access to local fresh healthy foods and food choices within food insecure communities, we are elated to have been given the opportunity to transform the Galvez Garden and have funding for tools to provide organically grown produce to the St. Roch community. The Galvez Garden was recently listed as a USDA Peoples Garden.